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Len & Alice marry and move to a small farm at the end of Blanquettes street in Worcester. 

They bought a couple of cows and startedretailing milk to the local area delivering onbikes and by pony and trap.

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Unfortunately, in 1959 Len Gwillam passed away and the farming enterprise passed to his sons in the form of Gwillam Brothers Farms Ltd .

Where they continued farming potatoes and vegetables.

In 1961 Neville Gwillam married Mary and the partnership that would shape Gwillam’s in the future was forged .

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Through until 1989 we continued selling our own produce from under some scaffolding poles and a sheet at the end of our layby, it was a very popular spot on a Friday & Saturday this was really where the seeds of Gwillams farm shop today were sown. Unfortunately, in 1989 we had to close the stall , we carried on with the pick your ownand continued growing vegetables and soft fruit for the wholesale markets.

Four Generations Of Food Production For The Local Community.

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In 1927 Len Gwillam moves the family toTapenhall Farm Porters Mill, here Len is able to increase the number of cows and the number of customers he can service. From here he serviced 4 milk rounds, 2 in Worcester , 1 in Ombersley and 1 in Droitwich.  


Len Gwillam farmed Tapenhall Farm and the adjoining Hunt green farm under the name L.A. Gwillam & Sons . Here Potatoes were one of the main crops grown , bags of potatoes were sold from the back of a tractor and trailer at weekends in Worcester.

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In 1962 Neville and Mary welcomed Alan their first son into the world David and Adrian soon followed over the next 4 years. In 1963 Neville and Mary moved to a new rented farm at Bevere Green , the farm was farmed by the Gwillam Bros concentrating on vegetable production to supply the local wholesale Market. 

In 1981 Bevere Green Farm became available for purchase and Neville & Mary  became the proud owners in June 1982 , splitting the business from Gwillam Bros in the process and going their own way. 

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Through the 1990’s we grew all manner of vegetables , fruits and potatoes to supply local markets. In 1992 we were asked to supply a supermarket which meant we had to invest in a more modern packing shed. We applied for planning permission in the mid 90’s and the shed or shop that you know today was erected. Three quarters of the shed was used for packing vegetables and the last section housed a small stall to sell our excess produce from. 

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Through this period Neville & Mary carried on as before growing vegetables for the local markets with a particular emphasis on stick beans, our stick beans were so popular in those days that we sent packs of beans all over the country. Towards the latter part of this period Gwillams started a new venture in the form of the PYO strawberry field, one day we put a few home-grown vegetables and potatoes on the strawberry stall, they sold so well that an idea was formed ...

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 1996 -


At the end of June 1996 Gwillams Farm Shop finally opened its doors as a permanent addition to the farm. When we first began, we stocked cauliflower, cabbages, calabrese, potatoes, strawberries and eggs. Only Six items back then compared to the hundred’s that you will find in store today. 

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